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About Us

Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary (CFPS) rescues, rehabilitates, and cares for parrots who are unwanted, abused, neglected, or whose owners can no longer care for them.

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Our vision is to build large scale aviaries on land in southeastern North Carolina where parrots in residence can live out their natural lives in environments where they can fly and socialize with other birds.

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Our residents at CFPS

Our Residents

The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary is located in Pink Hill, North Carolina. Currently, our sanctuary is home to over 224 different birds or flocks.

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Why is a Sanctuary needed?

Studies show a range from 8 million to 16 million parrots live in captivity in America. Owners of these parrots come in all walks of life.

Parrots are intelligent, emotionally complex and demand a high level of care. Many parrots are doomed to a revolving door of care. The typical parrot has as many as 30 owners during its lifetime.

CFPS exists to address this problem. Large scale aviaries in southeastern North Carolina will be the best place for birds. In uncrowded conditions they can fly, be outdoors, resume relationships, and live out their lives naturally.

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Receive a t-shirt with your monthly donation of $19.


Cockatoo Castle

Receive a t-shirt with your monthly donation of $19.

Sancturary Support

Our vision and mission is made possible by the dedication and commitment of many. Monthly giving is an easy, tax-deductible way to make a difference all year long. Become a Cape Fear Parrot Guardian today! Receive a t-shirt with your first monthly donation of $19.

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A word form our Founder and President:

Estate Planning for Parrots

Would you like to take steps to ensure quality care for your bird’s future? We can help.

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