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Our Mission

The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary (CFPS) rescues, rehabilitates, and cares for parrots who are unwanted, abused, neglected, or whose owners can no longer care for them. CFPS is committed to providing a permanent refuge and a life long, health habitat for these parrots.

Our Board

Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit. We are governed by a dedicated board of directors.

 Board of Directors for Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary Biographies

Our Board Members are as follows:

Ces Erdman, President

Charlotte Almada, Vice President

Alan Smith, Treasurer

Shannon MacKay, Secretary

Shawn Fuchs, Director-at-Large

Board of Advisors:

Dr. Greg Burkett, DVM

Amy Martin, Conscious Companion

Alison McCollum, Resource management specialist



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Our birds are top priority to us.

We were founded in November of 2013 to provide a safe haven for birds needing assistance from dedicated humans.

Our vision is to build large scale aviaries on land in southeastern North Carolina where parrots in residence can live out their natural lives in environments where they can fly and socialize with other birds.


We promote the welfare of birds through educational programs and events. Parrots are the fourth most popular pet in America. Birds in the parrot family are macaws, Amazons, cockatiels, parakeets, and 350 others a family numbering about 350 different breeds.

Sales of the birds in the parrot family have skyrocketed in the United States after the passage in 1992 of the Wild Bird Conservation Act. The bill made it illegal to import most wild-caught parrots into the U.S. The result was good for conservation, however bird breeders saw financial opportunity and started creating “parrot mills” across the country. At the peak of production, over 750,000 parrots were born and sold. Studies suggest 8 million to 16 million parrots live in captivity which does not include the number of parrots in shelters, sanctuaries, zoos and breeding facilities.

These birds are intelligent with an aptitude comparable to chimpanzees and dolphins. Parrots demand a high level of care from owners with a life expectancy of 60 years. Many of these parrots see 25 to 30 owners within their lifetime.

Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary President, Ces Erdman, a Wilmington native and bird lover saw problems parrots faced from an early age. Erdman had his first hand-raised cockatiel at the age of three and developed an affinity for birds of the parrot family thereafter. His parents encouraged his interest and helped him with a “bird sitting” business until he left home for college.

In 2006, Erdman returned to Wilmington and resumed his hobby of caring for birds. He organized other bird owners and created Cape Fear Bird Club (renamed in 2011 to Cape Fear Parrot Club). Several hundred bird lovers from southeastern North Carolina have participated in meetings, trade shows and educational activities sponsored or organized by the club. The club has over 200 individuals on the mailing list.

Erdman wanted to do even more to help parrots and established Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary (CFPS) the 501c3 non-profit in 2013. CFPS has rescued, rehabilitated, and provided aviaries for many parrots since forming.

The organization as been awarded several grants. Grants awarded are, but not limited to: the Binky Foundation for $2,200, Duplin County Tourism grant for $350 and the DJ and T Foundation for $3260 and $10,000.

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