Bird dropped of at a vets office

Merry Christmas to this guy! He was dropped of at a vets office today because they moved and could not take him with them. He would have most likely been rehomed as a kids toy, but one of the vet employees knows my mom and contacted her to see if we could take him. My mom picked him up, I met her in the home depot parking lot, and now he is in a safe place. People always ask me why I do this, why I care for parrots. This is at the top of the list. This is not a proper set up for a parrot, in fact, this is animal abuse. Because they are not dogs or cats, we think they don’t have souls. The smaller parrots really get the worst of this mentality. This guy will have a happy ending where he gets to live in a 12x24x8 aviary with other birds. Most will not be this lucky. Of course he had no name, so Alan named him Depot. If you know me, you will understand how hard it was for me to post this professionally…lol. Send him good vibes that his abusive past will soon be forgotten. When God created parrots, I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

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